For this assignment shoot 72 images or more. We will look at 4-5 images on the computer. I would also like you to bring in some images of your chosen photographer so we have an idea of what you are emulating

Email me your artist before you start to shoot. amber@amberjohnston.com

I will have comments for you that will help you take better pictures.

Tell us about the work of the artist not about their life history. Why did you choose them? What is their process of making? What is their work about?

This assignment is to help understand the visual vocabulary of other artists. By looking at other photographers you will get a sense of how they construct their images. And help inform how you want to make images. How to create your own style.

You can choose an artist on the list provided or if there is a photographer you like that is not on the list let me know.

You can mimic their pictures literally or you can mimic their style or concept.

Think about the angle of the camera compared to the images you are emulating. Consider the subject matter of each photograph and how the photographer approached it compared to the way you shoot.

Irving Penn
Richard Avedon
David Lachapelle
Laura Litensky
Mark Armendariz

Philip Lorca
John Madden
Edward Stiechen
Nan Golden
Paul Strand
Martha Rossler
Cindy Sherman
Lauren Greenfield
Kelli Connell
Gillian Wearing
Larry Towel
Sophie Calle
Nikki S Lee
Stephen Shore
David Hilliard
Nathan Lions
Peiter Hugo
Todd Hido
Udda Barth
Rimma Gerlovin
Valeriy Gerlovin
Joel Meyerowitz

Robert Mapplethorpe
Nic Nicosia
Man Ray
Mitra Tabrizan
Lee Friedlander
Roger Ballen
Alec Soth
Atta Kim
Richard Prince
Robert Heiniken
Jeff Wall
Robert Frank
Ansel Adams
Lewis Hein
Bernnece Abbot
Frederick Sommer
Robert Sucula
Elonor Garucki
Laura Latinski
Lucas Samaras
Amy Stein
Victor Burgan

Chuck Close
Barbara Kruger
Bruce Nauman
Aaron Siskand
Doug Dubois
Andreas Serrano
Carrie May Weems
Mike and Doug Starn
Jock Sturges
Richard Misrach
Minor White
Riniki Dykstra
Brian Urick
Nancy Spero
Myra Green
Carla Williams
Lorna Simpson
Diane Arbus
Imogen Cunningham
Gilbert And George

David Lachapelle
Ryan Mcginley
Hanna Wilke
Sandy Skogland
Joel Peter Witkin
Francesca Woodman
Sally Mann
Thomas Demand
Sam Taylor Wood
Wolfgang Tillmans
Nick Waplington
Richard Billinghan
William Eggleston
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Dorothy Shoes
Martin Parr
Adam Fuss
Gregory Crewdson
Tomas Ruff
The Bechers
Olaf Brenning
Duane Michaels

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